Triple sec

Triple sec is made from orange peel and its delicious in cocktails

  Orange peel distilled liqueur is called Triple sec. The skin of citrus fruit is rich in essences with unique smell and taste which gives fresh fruity taste to the triple sec liqueurs. Some of the premium brands mixes orange spirit with fine cognacs.
  The word triple sec is originally from French and it means distilled three times however nowadays many triples are not distilled so many times. Triple is also usually produced in France; just maybe the most well known one - Curacao - was born on a small Caribbean island with the same name and became famous thanks to a Dutch company Bols.
  The quality triple secs which have about 40% strength taste well when drunk pure. They are also part of many cocktails like margarita, cosmopolitan or sidecar. Cheaper 20% liqueurs can improve your cocktails as well but to drink them pure is not an unforgettable experience.


  Curacao is colorless alcoholic drink made from bitter inedible skin of Laraha orange. It became famous only when a concern Bols added a drop of blue color to the drink. Blue curacao quickly gained its fans mainly because its crazy smurf skin color. Most of the people even don't know how to pronounce the word curacao. The natives from the Curacao island would most probably say something like kyurəsaou.

History of triple secu

  First triple sec was produced by Jean-Baptiste Combier already in 1834 in the French town of Saumur on the bank of Loira river and his family owner distillery is making the liqueur till these days. In the 19th century most of the triple sec appeared. 1875 a Cointreau liqueur was born and thanks to great advertising campaigns and reasonable price it became the best selling triple sec in the world. In the year 1880 another great liqueur is created - Grand Marnier which is having the most significant cognac taste of all. Grand Marnier is a bit aristocratic drink; it's aging on a chateaux in the Cognac region and it was offered by a Marnier family friend and hotel owner Mr. Ritz. In 1892 Antoine de Fourcroy started to cure the Emperor Napoleon with a liqueur made from Corsica tangerines which was later bottled and that is how Mandarine Napoléon appeared.

  Triple sec Grand Marnier bring the spirit of France to your home.

  The curacao itself was created only in 1896. On a small island in the Netherlands Antilles the Senior family started to produce it. Locals however didn't like very sweet liqueur and curacao would be an unknown drink if it was not for the company of Lucase Bolse who added a bit of blue color into the curacao and started a blue madness. Another Dutch producer of colorful drinks DeKuyper did not want to stay behind and started to make its own blue curacao. They were soon joined by an American Hiram Walker, who was successful in selling Canadian whiskey and decided to deliver broader range of drinks to his customers and even he started to make curacao, triple sec and other cocktail ingredients.

How is triple sec made

  Most of the triple sec is made very similar way. Peel of bitter and sometimes also sweet oranges is cleared out of flesh and it is dried on sun. Then it's macerated in the basic alcohol or cognac for several days. Fruit essences are released into the alcohol which is then distilled up to three times. Final spirit is finished by herbs, spices and other secret ingredients and sometimes another alcohol or extra sugar syrup is added. Liqueurs with alcohol content below 20% are sometimes colored especially if it is curacao. Nowadays beside blue also orange, red and green curacao is sold.

Pure Triple sec or in cocktail

  When the first cocktails have appeared triple secs became important part of plenty of them. Sweet fruity taste gives the cocktails very exotic taste and what can not be achieved with taste is accomplished with unique blue color of curacao.

  Cointreau advertisement to Cosmopolitan cocktail made from triple sec.

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